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Product description:

Long live the tonies figures with you with traditional Turkish stories and songs!
All you have to do is buy the Turkish content you like and drop it on your Toniebox Box.
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Summary of this Tonies story:
It is a figure of popular Turkish songs that are specially prepared for children, most of which are arranged by the dinossi children's music choir, which will support our children as an educationalist and will definitely make them dance constantly.
Our first song in this tonies figure begins with our children's love for atatürk.
There are 34 Songs in Total.

Contains Music – Stories:

* Children's Anthem of Atatürk

* Esra Çığcı – Will you play with me

* Barış Manço – Bear

* Ali Baba has a farm

* Ari VizVizViz

* Clap If You Love Your Mother

* Where is your house in Aydede

* Look The Postman Is Coming

* Axes in Our Hands We Go To The Forest

* Barış Manço – Today is a Holiday

* Barış Manço – With Your Permission, Children

* Walnut Man Şip Alum Shop

* Squeeze Boatman

* Learning the Days of the Week

* They kidnapped my rooster, they flew it from roof to roof

* Kayahan – A Lion Said Meow

* Chestnut Hornbeam Pamalut

* Red fish

* Box Box Pence

* Kuzey and Soner Arıca What's Happening in Life

* The Little Mermaid Come on!

* Little Red Chicken

* Little frog

* Little Yellow Chick

* Acorn

* What Cooks in the Kitchen

* Wind the Reel

* We Are Going On Vacation

* My rabbit

* Tin Tin Minimini

* Virus

* Lying Shepherd

* Jump Jump Frog

* Republic Song


Playing Time: 1 Hour 27 Minutes 93 Seconds
Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and Up
Additional Accessory: User Manual and Booklet
Voiced by: Dinossi, Tonies Turkey Team (Anonymous)

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