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Would you like to have a whole family with Dinossi's offices in 79 countries, distribution and shipping warehouse in 12 countries, more than 60 local stores and more than 95 million happy users?


It would be so much better if you were among us.

At Dinossi human resources team, we always want you to know that our businesses around the world need you. We just want you to know that we don't judge you based on your resume, where education is important but priority for us in qualification is not graduating from fancy schools.

Due to our policies, your human aspects are more important to us than anything else, not your information written on paper. It is important for you to know that everyone is equal, from the senior management to our store teams, from the shipping unit to our cleaning teams. Let's read the details below.

To briefly mention, as dinossi, we have the greatest success in the fact that none of our employees is superior to anyone in their superior relations, no one judges anyone, women are subject to paid leave on their special days, 86% female employees dominate, and all our working women love dinossi by millions of users. It provides all the services they provide, where there are no ego wars, no compulsory university level education requirement, there are game rooms in our offices in England, Germany and America, there is no discrimination such as religion, race, color, and it can never be made, it respects human, human rights to life and special days. where our employees in countries receive their salaries not in the local currency of that country, but in pounds sterling, which is the central government of dinossi (it is the most valuable currency all over the world). In fact, we are waiting for you with the excitement of a new member of our family, not an employee, with a payment method where it is shared with colleagues in a completely transparent way and you will not be unhappy in terms of living standards.


Our team is growing every day, and we want you to know that we will never start you off with a hiring process we don't like, such as filling out pages and pages of resumes.

A human resources personnel who will chat with you will call you after your application and get your information by phone or video call methods.

PowGATE! As the founding companies, we want you to know that more than one of our group companies will also be offered to you.


Our open positions:

🙂 I'm sorry, we do not have a concept as an open position, we have positions opened for those who want to work with us. You can contact us from the standard contact form below, regardless of what your professional career is, and to have a working experience above all European standards. In the message section, we prefer that you write us what you enjoy rather than your education life and what you say you would be incredibly successful if I did that job, even if it was this job.

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By the way, list the countries where dinossi has offices. from here you can reach.


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Don't worry, you will remain confidential under all circumstances and your information will not be shared with anyone.


Turkey (Headquarters)
Altunizade Neighborhood School Sticky Street
No:5 Uskudar, Istanbul – Turkey –

United Kingdom
Desford Road
Enderby Leicester LE19 4AT, England –

Vijzelstraat 22H, 1017 HK
Amsterdam, The Netherlands –

УЛ. БАРКЛАЯ, ДОМ 6, СТР. 5, ОФИС 620 Россия –

Carrer de l'Abat Otó, 7,
08203 Sabadell, Barcelona, ​​Espana –

Neukölln Arcaden im UG Karl-Marx-Straße 66
12043 Berlin, Germany –

America – USA (Including Canada)
1670 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW Washington, DC 21580 –

Limmatquai 106, 8001
Zurich, Switzerland –

Savina Monastery
Herceg Novi Montenegro –

Hindi Stan
165, मानेवाड़ा रोड, मानेवाड़ा चौक, उल्हास नगर, रामेश्वरी,
नागपुर, महाराष्ट्र 440027, हिंदुस्तान –

Cra. 43 #45, Medellín, El Poblado, Medellín,
Antioquia, Colombia –

Republikas Laukums 2A, Centra rajons,
Rīga, LV-1010, Latvija –

Other countries
Altunizade Neighborhood School Sticky Street
No:5 Uskudar, Istanbul – Turkey –

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