Breastfeeding mother detox day one list

Dear breastfeeding mothers, the first day of our detox has started. It is a product that increases breast milk for you, gives satiety and helps to lose weight. breastfeeding mother diet program I prepared. For best results, drink a glass of water every hour and move for half an hour when your baby is asleep. Don't let our efforts go to waste 🙂

Breastfeeding mothers They need to eat more frequently than other people. Meals should be completely nutritious and filling. Accordingly, I prepared the detox according to the needs of the nursing mother. Apply with confidence, don't be afraid of starving. Don't think, "There's a lot of food in detox, so I can't lose weight," because I chose them all.

I added the second day list at the end of the article, you can click on the link to see it.

When you wake up:

Drink a glass of room temperature water on an empty stomach to wake up the metabolism. Remember that drinking water both increases breast milk and helps to lose weight.


You must have breakfast within half an hour of waking up. For example, let's say you wake up at eight in the morning: You have to start breakfast no later than half past eight.

Let's have a classic breakfast on the first day of the breastfeeding mother's detox so that we can get through the process of getting used to the detox more easily.

For this: have breakfast with two boiled eggs, three tablespoons of curd cheese, three green peppers, a tablespoon of chopped dill and a cucumber. You can have a slice of whole wheat bread with it. You can drink unsweetened black tea or a cup of fennel tea, provided it is very clear.

Keep in mind: A nursing mother is more hungry than other people because she burns calories while breastfeeding. For this, it is very important to get energy from healthy sources. Two eggs a day are appropriate calories for a nursing mother.

First snack:

Have a snack with a tablespoon of raisins and a tablespoon of hazelnuts two hours after breakfast, at about ten o'clock. Have a cup of fennel or hibiscus tea with it.

The recipe is: Add a teaspoon of fennel or hibiscus to a glass of hot water and let it steep for five minutes. For healing purposes.


You can have lunch around one o'clock. There is bulgur pilaf that helps to increase breast milk and lose weight. Since everyone knows the recipe, I will not write it again, but be especially careful that it is low-fat. You can make the amount a little more because there is bulgur pilaf for dinner. Next to it, we have a zucchini dish with olive oil. Pumpkin is low in calories, high in water and is an excellent food for weight loss.

The recipe is: Chop two medium-sized zucchini into cubes and put them in a flat pan. Finely chop a small onion and a small clove of garlic and sprinkle over the zucchini. Add a teaspoon of olive oil, half a tea glass of water and a tablespoon of chopped dill. Cook on low heat until the zucchini is soft.

In summary: Eat zucchini with olive oil and 4 tablespoons of bulgur pilaf until you are full. You can have a glass of ayran with it. Since it is bulgur pilaf, there is no bread in this meal.

Second snack:

Drink a glass of milk with tahini three hours after lunch, that is around four in the afternoon. This helps to increase breast milk and feel full. It also supports weight loss.

The recipe is: A teaspoon into a glass of hot milk tahini add and mix well. If you wish, you can add half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to give it a pleasant smell.


If you have leftover zucchini with olive oil and bulgur pilaf from the day, you can have dinner by making a large bowl of salad with it. If there is no leftover, make an eggplant dish with olive oil with the following recipe. until satiated you can eat.

Peel two eggplants and soak them in salted water. a small tooth sarımsak Peel and dice three tomatoes. Take the eggplants in the pot and spread the garlic and tomatoes on it. Add a teaspoon of olive oil and a tea glass of water and cook on low heat.

Third snack:

In a bowl of yogurt, a teaspoon of grains flax seed Add and mix. Eat at around nine o'clock, two hours after dinner. Then drink a large glass of water.

Preparation for the second day of detox:

To drink on the second day of detox weight loss tea recipe and walnut juice for breastfeeding mothers We will prepare. Let's make it overnight so that it waits until the morning and leaves its essences well.

Materials: 1 tablespoon of rose hips, 1 tablespoon of chopped dried figs, 1 teaspoon of fennel, 1 stick of cinnamon, 1 liter of hot water.

Preparation of: Mix all ingredients in pitcher. Leave it overnight until morning. Strain the next day. Drink a glass cold before main and snacks.

Let's prepare walnut juice for breastfeeding mothers, which gives satiety and helps to lose weight. We will do this every evening, so you don't forget, you can set a walnut juice alarm on your phone.


I have published the breastfeeding mother detox second day list. I publish the lists of this program, which will last for 7 days, every day and I will add it to the end in this way.

CLICK HERE: Breastfeeding mother detox second day list

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