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We are beautiful with you

Dinossi, a PowGate LLC. brand and the pleasure of next day delivery with local dispatch warehouses in all countries where it is present.



With Over 79 Million Users in 95 Countries

Established 2002

Our Story

Our Dinossi brand was established in 2020. Our Dinossi headquarter company, which is one of the brands of PowGATE Group of Companies, has been serving the world with 2002 different brands, especially in the field of technology, since 10.

PowGate Group of Companies has 10 different brands and sub-group companies consisting of Jesminda, Enchrma, Kunduz, Tonies, DroneCargo, GetirCO, KidyLove, SuperTeacher, TrufMarket and Dinossi.

Dinossi, dinossi.com.tr (Turkey) – dinossi.com (Global) – dinossi.us (USA USA) – dinossi.co.uk (UK) – dinossi.nl (Netherlands) – dinossi.es (Spain) – dinossi.de (Germany) – dinossi.ru (Russia) – dinossi.me (Montenegro) – dinossi.in (India) – dinossi.co (Colombia) – dinossi.ch (Switzerland) – dinossi.lv (Latvia) Residential warehouses and its local companies in countries offer fast deliveries, reliable products and satisfaction.

Our Social Responsibility Programs


Support Our Future

Dinossi, regardless of religion, race or country, in the fields of education, right to shelter, food aid, especially for orphans in all locations around the world, on your behalf, through the Dinossi Children's Foundation, Unicef, AÇEV, KİMSEV, Koruncu, Lösev and It reaches those in real need through UNHCR. In this support, these aids are provided through you and on your behalf. We are grateful to you for your support in this matter. To learn more and support our Child Support programs click here.


Dinossi Forests

Dinossi has planted millions of tree saplings on millions of acres of land on millions of acres of land in all its locations around the world, especially in countries that are at the forefront of nature massacre, and more than 35 million saplings in your name to look at our future with hope, with waterless agricultural materials to countries that need agricultural support. Those who make the Dinossi Forests green are the Dinossi Angel Mothers in our Women Violent Women support program. In our Women's Violence program, many women around the world have been supported and searched for more beautiful forests with the eyes of our women, who make the world beautiful, in order to reintegrate them into society. For details of Dinossi Forests click here.


Violence against women

Dinossi, we are against all kinds of violence against women in all its locations around the world, especially in the Middle East countries. In this context, together with the Dinossi Mothers Team, we support women who have been subjected to violence, who need financial or psychological support, who are exposed to violence free of charge in legal proceedings, and who have been subjected to violence at least once in their life, such as advocacy in legal proceedings and in all other matters, both in shelter and in all other matters. provides. In addition, some products sold through Dinossi are produced directly by women who have been subjected to violence by Dinossi Mothers, and the incomes of all products produced by women who have been subjected to violence by our reintegration projects are transferred to women who suffer violence. If you need support or request information on this matter click here.


Climate Change Supports

Dinossi is aware of the relentless rise in global temperature in recent years, in all its locations around the world or in all other locations where it is not present, and the damage that humans have done to nature and all other living things. For this reason, our future works with many local government institutions in order to leave a better world heritage to our children than yesterday, so that our children can reach water, food and sustainable energy. You can support our voice urgently from today in order to minimize earthquakes, floods, storms or other natural disasters that will occur with the warming of the world. Click for detailed information

We Respect The World

All of our products, which we produce with our Dinossi, KidyLove and Dinoski brands, are produced from completely biodegradable and recycled materials.

Together with Nature

All of our textiles are made from recycled materials.

Waste Plastics

All of our plastic products, especially our stationery products, are recycled from waste plastic materials.

Organic Products

All of our food and cotton products are both organic production and dehydrated agricultural products without harming the world.


Discover Tomorrow

Discover tomorrow with fully parent-controlled applications away from harmful content with the metaverse of children, which will soon be broadcast all over the world, with the metaverse, which will be broadcast all over the world, with the METAVERSE World, which is currently only available for British Dinossi Users. Reap our metaverse details Click here.